Conversion Optimisation

Helping your Business to Improve its Website Online Conversion Rate

At UMIS Consultancy we pride ourselves in understanding the key elements that either make or break a business online. This really helps when working with you to plan and manage a successful strategy that looks to improve your conversion rate.

Being able to identify and improve your conversion rate is an essential part of achieving a successful and profitable online presence.

Improving conversions online consists of a raft of analytical and customer driven persona activities that allow us to get into the heads of your ideal customers. From here we look at what the experience is like for that ideal persona through your online channels and how this can be improved in order to begin to see some positive results with regards to improved conversions.

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5 Mistakes Your Business is Making with its Marketing.

1) Not clearly understanding what you are trying to achieve. When it comes to Marketing, businesses usually commence their concerted marketing effort based on one of the following reasons: a) Knee-jerk reaction Marketing This is the most common reason and it is...

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