The Background

BRC Consulting Services are an established provider of treasury and cash management services within the financial industry for clients in both the public and private sector. They have been established since 1989, and are a team of industry experienced consultants, delivering best market practice solutions and advice to their clients.

They are a totally independent company providing bespoke, specialist support on a range of treasury and cash management assignments and have completed over 95 projects in the last three years, achieving significant benefits for their clients.

The Brief

BRC Consulting Services have a hugely admired reputation, as well as numerous accolades and achievements on a global scale. After an initial consultation with UMIS, it was agreed that the BRC Consulting Services brand, although had stood the test of time, was not a true reflection the company’s vision or aligned to their aspirations moving forward.

UMIS were given the brief to revolutionise the way that BRC Consulting Services were seen within their industry.

They also wanted to be given an advantage when viewed alongside their competitors, by carving out a distinguished identity that would set them apart from all other financial companies.

The Solution

UMIS worked very closely with BRC Consulting Services during the initial phase of the project to ascertain exactly where the company currently were and where they wanted to be in terms of its aspirations and vision for growth moving forward.

There was good ground for a total rebrand to revitalise the company’s look and feel, as well as give them an opportunity to appeal to a wider target market without alienating their existing clients.

With the rebrand of their logo also came a new website built from the ground up, which would look to attract new clients online and start to draw in visitors that would be of ideal value for the services they were offering.

The Delivery

UMIS Consultancy delivered a truly inspirational brand that has helped BRC Consulting Services to differentiate themselves from every other financial competitor around, with a dynamic and innovative take on where they wanted to be, but not neglecting the roots of the company either.

The Logo was modernised and brought to life with a fresh look and feel, as well as a vibrant colour pallet that did not conform to the bland colours typically used for the finance industry.

BRC Consulting Services also had a complete website re-build from the ground up. UMIS worked closely with BRC to ensure that nothing of any value was left behind, but that everything the company wanted to incorporate was part of the build.

The website was built on a scalable, secure and futureproof platform that allowed BRC Consulting Services full control to manage it going forward. It is also built in an SEO friendly way and is fully responsive.

The project was a huge success and BRC Consulting Services have a great foundation to build on and can now capitalise on their past success with confidence.

BRC Consulting’s Thoughts..

“We are extremely happy with the design and functionality of our new web site and have been very impressed with the customer care that we have received from UMIS. I can highly recommend them.”

Deborah Webb
Relationship Manager

If you would like to discuss your business or brand requirements with UMIS Consultancy, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.